Voyageur Park Lodge offers activities for the whole family by utilizing resources both on the resort and in the surrounding Voyageurs National Park. These are some of the daily, Ranger-guided programs available to you:

  • Kettle Falls Boat Trips
  • Island Picnics
  • Island Cruises Guided Canoe Trips
  • Locator Lake Adventures Ash River Beaver Pond Walks
  • Evening Naturalist Campfire Programs
  • These programs begin around June 20th and continue through the end of August. We have printed information in your cottage and in the Lodge to help you plan your activities.

Ellsworth Rock Garden

One third of a century ago, about a decade after the giant logging company, Virginia & Rainy Lake had withdrawn from logging there, a quiet Chicago cabinet manufacturer named Jack Ellsworth began with lever and sledge hammer and green thumb to rearrange the site of the V & RL camp on the north shore of Lake Kabetogama just west of Clyde Creek.

From the spring break-up to fall freeze-up each year for nearly 20 years, Mr. Ellsworth labored terracing, planting and sculpting until the bleak campsite was transformed into one of the wonders of the boundary waters, a rock garden rising 65 feet from the shoreline to the pines, its walls topped with white quartz, its beds packed with flowers.

Then Mr. Ellsworth did not come back and several years ago he died. The Ellsworth Gardens are restored and maintained as an example of what one man can do with “leverage, just leverage,” as Mr. Ellsworth explained to the visiting Jake Hastay during a visit to the gardens in 1965. (Excerpt from a newspaper article printed October 17, 1976)

Approximatley 62 terraced flower beds were constructed on the granite outcrop that were filled with more than 13,000 lillies of four different varieties at the peak of the garden’s bloom.

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