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Northern Minnesota Resort - Family & Fishing Resort
Bait, Tackle and Other Related Services

For the fisherman or fisherman at heart we offer a well stocked and organized bait house where we have; minnows, leeches and night crawlers and you can find other items you need for your on the water activities: pfd's, nets, maps, ice, tackle, minnow buckets, dry towels, gasoline, oil, battery charging and more.

Kabetogama Lake
Kabetogama supports a very large walleye pike population and lesser amounts of sauger, a close walleye cousin, northern pike, smallmouth bass and crappie.

This is a natural, glacier-carved lake with a rocky bottom interspersed with sandy and gravel areas. The lake level is controlled by a dam at Kettle Falls situated between Rainy and Namakan Lakes on the United States-Canadian border.

Walleyes spawn in early May usually just after ice out. They scatter widely around the over one hundred islands and extensive shoreline. These areas warm up first as Spring arrives in the northland. Walleye fishing is very productive during these early season weeks with lots of fish remaining in 8 to 10 feet of water.

Minnesota Fishing at it's Best! Kabetogama LakeThe fish head deeper after mid to late May (10 to 15 feet) but are still scattered. By mid-June, walleyes can be found in 15 to 20 foot depths but have begun to feed around structure. As the water continues to warm in late June, they head for deep (30-35 feet) flats and begin to concentrate. By July, they seek the deepest parts of the lake. Although smaller fish can still be easily taken in 15 to 20 feet, the larger fish present a real challenge to even the most experienced angler.

As the lake begins to cool in mid to late August, walleye appetites return, even though most fish stay deep into Fall.

Fortunately, there are good opportunities to catch hungry smallmouth bass and northerns during the slower walleye weeks. Both species are widely scattered around Kabetogama. The cold, clear waters give excellent eating characteristics to both species.

Walleyes are caught best on light tackle. Most fisherman use a small jig or spinner or "Lindy Rig" tipped with live bait (minnow, leech or night crawler). The fish often have a very light strike or just suck the bait in before running. These light hits can easily be missed with heavy tackle. You can have good results by trolling or casting Rapala- like artificial baits.

While the greater numbers of walleyes are caught with live baits, artificial baits seem to produce larger fish. As this is a near wilderness area, fish catching is sometimes greatly influenced by the amount of natural food.

When you arrive for your vacation, we'll share the latest fishing information with you and pass on any" hot spots "for the week.

Guide Service
You may be interested in making an investment in good fishing for vacations to come on Kabetogama by hiring a professional guide while you're here.

The cost is about $225-300 for an 8 hr. day plus gas and bait. We can arrange for a guide for your trip or supply you with the names and phone numbers of local guides and you can choose based on conversations you have with them.
Minnesota Vacation Resort - Disk GolfDisk Golf is great fun for the whole family and we have one beautiful setting for our new course. This is a great game for disk throwers of all skill levels.

If you don't know what disc golf is, it's just like ball golf only you use a frisbee. Eighteen elevated baskets catch the frisbee much like holes in the ground catch golf balls. The goal is the same, to complete the course in the fewest number of shots. Most importantly the challenge is the same because golf is golf, no matter what shape the tools. Missing short putts still drives you nuts and a perfect drive still makes you feel fabulous.

Disc golf encourages top mental and physical conditioning but can be played by anyone. Players merely match their pace to their capabilities to pursue fun and fitness for their lifetime. Disc golf can be played alone allowing great flexibility in scheduling. The courses are short enough that a round can be played in an hour. The basic requirement for playing disc golf is remarkably simple. All you need is a golf disk.

There are disks for all to use or bring your favorite disks. We supply scorecards and pencils and there are no greens fees for lodging customers.
Voyageurs Nationa Park - Hiking Nature Trails

The Rainy Lake Visitor Center Nature Trail
This is a half mile interpretative trail that is partially paved and partially handicap accessible. The Visitor Center also has interesting displays for your information. The Visitor Center is located East on Highway 11 about 10 miles from downtown International Falls. You can avoid going through International Falls by using Highway 332 (exits right from US Highway 53 approximately 2 miles this side of International Falls) to reach Highway 11and turning right. International Falls is approximately 30 miles from here.

The Orr Tourist and Visitor Center Bog Walk
A level trail, much of which is board walk and handicap accessible, affords a close up view of life in northern Minnesota bogs and wetlands. Be sure and see the displays inside the tourist center. The Orr Tourist Center is on US Highway 53 (west side) just south of downtown Orr. Orr is approximately 30 miles from here.

Orr Minnesota Bog Walk - Family Vacation GetawaysLocator Lake Trail
A moderate 2 mile interpretative trail from the trailhead near Mallard Point to Locator Lake. This is only accessible by water. The Park provides a dock for your boat and row boats and canoes on Locator Lake you can reserve for use when you reach the end of the trail. We can supply a trail booklet that describes each of 10 stops.

Cruiser Lake Trail
A moderate but long trail that winds from the trailhead in Lost Bay past Agnes and Cruiser Lakes all the way to Rainy Lake. Most people hike in to Agnes Lake for a day trip. The Cruiser Lake Trail is only accessible by water after an approximate 45 minute boat ride.

The Ash River Hiking Trail
A moderate trail about 4 miles long. It begins in the parking lot at the Ash River Visitors Center and continues west along Lake Kabetogama into Blind Ash Bay and loops back to the Visitor Center. The trail is accessible by car or by boat. The Ash River Visitor Center is about 23 miles from here and is reached by traveling south on US Highway 53 to Ash River Trail and the Visitor Center road which intersects it 9 miles from Highway 53. The Visitor Center is reached by boat in about 20 minutes. There are Park Service docks you can use while you are there.

Echo Bay Trail
The newest and closest trail to Voyageur Park Lodge. This 2-1/2 mile trail winds around the hills and wetlands surrounding Echo Bay. The trail is accessible by car.
Minnesota Black Bear - Northern Mn Nature Vacation
This peninsula and the Park itself offer countless opportunities for serious or casual enjoyment of the many bird species that live here or visit during migrations.

Check out live bears from the safety of an observation area. Located in Orr, open Memorial  to Labor Day at 5:00pm until dusk.

Voyageurs National Park hosted activities
Voyageurs Adventures for Kids....1:30-2:30 PM Sun..Tue..Wed..Fri... Learn about the world around you and /or become a Jr. Ranger. Meet at the Woodenfrog Beach or if raining, the Woodenfrog Refectory. June 16-August 16.

Evening Ranger Program.....7:30-8:30 PM Sun..Tue..Thur...Fri...Discover the wonders of Voyageurs National Park, past and present, with a park naturalist or guest speaker during an evening presentation at the historic Woodenfrog Refectory Building. June 6-August 16.

Voyage by Canoe....9-11 AM...Join a ranger to learn the basics, then set out to see nearby islands and wildlife by canoe. The Park provides lessons, canoes, paddles anf life jackets. All from novice to expert are welcome. Meet at the Woodenfrog Beach. June 17-August 16.

On the Property:
  • Outside Game Court
  • RAVE Water Bouncer
  • Disk Golf Course
  • Kids Videos
  • Playacks
  • Playground 
Minnesota Vacation - Summer Vacation GetawayThere are two sand beaches on the property and many larger beaches on islands in the lake. Many people love to explore the islands to find a perfectly secluded beach to call their own.

The Woodenfrog Campground (State of MN) has a very nice day use area that includes a large sand beach you can use. It's about a city block from Voyageur Park Lodge.

ids of all ages love the water trampoline. Beaches do not have life guards.

What our guest have to say!

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